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posted by Adrian Foo | 2015-09-05 18:05:00. You are listening to Nagaswara FM 99.7 from Indonesia. Here, you can listen to this radio station conveniently using your 5 Nagaswara Stasiun Radio.

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Nagaswara FAQ

What channel is Nagaswara on the radio?

Nagaswara is on 99.7 FM.

What frequency is Nagaswara?

The Nagaswara frequency is 99.7 FM.

What is on Nagaswara now?

Click listen now to find out what is playing on Nagaswara now.

What Music genre does Nagaswara play?

World Music and news.

Nagaswara FM Nagaswara FM999.05 FM from Indonesia
nagaswara fm broadcast various kinds of latest hip hop, clasic, dance, electronic etc. music. it live broadcasting from indonesia. the radio broadcast can b
Nagaswara FM Cirebon Nagaswara FM Cirebon95.3 FM from Indonesia
Listen live Nagaswara FM 95.3 Nagaswara FM online which is broadcasting from Indonesia.